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Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls out Biden for quoting Muhammad pronouncing Sharia law in remarks to Muslim voters


Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden quoted the Muslim prophet Muhammad pronouncing Sharia law during an address to Muslim voters last month, Hoover Institution research fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali told “Tucker Carlson Tonight » Tuesday.

Carlson played several clips from the July 20 remarks, in which Biden vowed to end Trump’s « Muslim ban on day one » of his administration and stated, « I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith. I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths. »

According to Ali, elsewhere in his speech, Biden said, « ‘If you see something wrong’ — and he quotes the Prophet Muhammad — ‘use your hand. If you can’t use your hand, use your tongue and if you can’t use your tongue, use your heart.' » What he’s basically doing from that point onwards is enforcing Sharia law and it is vigilantism on steroids.

“If you’re a Muslim, [if] you grew up within Islam trying to reform it, or [are] just a good American Muslim, you’re being confronted with … a candidate for a major political party who’s basically saying ‘Let’s enforce Sharia law,” Ali went on. “I’m with him on ‘Let’s fight [anti-Muslim] discrimination, we should not be bullying Muslim children’ … but I don’t know who puts these words in his mouth and I’m alarmed.”

The Somali-born Ali, who has left the Muslim faith and is now an atheist, explained that Sharia law is based on the concept of “commanding right and forbidding wrong,” which she told Carlson she “cannot believe” Biden is promoting in the year 2020.

“I understand Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing and I think most Americans don’t,” she said. “But he does have a campaign team… Joe Biden should come out and apologize profusely to the American people, especially to those American Muslims who have adopted and embraced the foundational principles of America.”

If he did so, she added, he would show a “great trait of leadership”.

However, she added, “this group of people … who lured him into saying these things, I know that they are part of the Islamist groups — we call them the Muslim Brotherhood, I do know that the people who look after him, the campaign team, were not on red alert and that they didn’t stop him from saying this type of thing.”




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